How do I know the trees are actually being planted? Can you provide proof?

Updated 4 months ago by Shawn McIntyre

We can assure you we plant ten trees for every item purchased. We are able to do this by working with not-for-profit partners like Trees for the Future, Eden Reforestation, and many others. Our partners have established photo stations at our planting sites, and have instructed the villagers on how to use a camera that geotags the photos with GPS coordinates where the photo was taken.

Workers also walk the perimeter of our planting sites with GPS units to trace the edge of the site so we can share the information with those sponsoring that particular site. 

We are also working on developing drone mapping for our sites to better monitor success of planting, and we are rolling out a new planting verification software to track and verify our planting efforts at all our active sites. More info can be found on our planting pages and on our @treeplanters Instagram page, so make sure to follow us! 

We encourage you to contact our planting partners to ask about the contributions we've made. 


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