What can 10 trees do?

Updated 5 months ago by Grace Nychka

Ten trees have the potential to change the environment and communities around them. Every tree benefits their environment in different ways.

Community Impact

In many of the areas we plant, people struggle to support their families or send their children to school. Utilizing an Employ-To-Plant model with the help of our partners, tentree's efforts have provided over 280 full-time jobs to individuals that otherwise would not have one. Through income supplementation and environmental education, entire communities have lifted themselves out of poverty and begun to build stronger, more sustainable economies. This works in the long run to end systemic poverty in regions where education, housing, and adequate food supplies often seem like luxuries. 

Environmental Impact

Trees don't just sequester carbon and cool the earth. Like all life on earth, each tree is special and benefits their environment in different ways. The Mangrove trees we plant in Madagascar protect coastlines and prevent erosion. The pineapple plants in Indonesia provide food and income to communities. And in Canada, we're working to prevent the decline of the Whitebark pine tree, an iconic pine tree that naturally aids forest regeneration after a natural disaster. tentree plants all these trees and many more to ensure our diverse environment has the best chance to survive and thrive for generations to come.

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