My item is damaged, what should I do?

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We document all possible cases of manufacturer defects. For this reason, please send an email to our customer care team and include the following photos and information:

  • A photo of the item for identification
  • A photo of the interior tag for sizing (typically found in the neck of a shirt or the waist of a pair of pants)
  • A photo of the damage
  • Please tell us the order number or the name/email on the order

At this time, we do not offer lifetime guarantee on our product; however, we are happy to assist with damages up to 90 days from the order date. Please note that if your product is damaged, it must not be worn, and it must still have the tags in order to be eligible for a replacement or return.


We find solutions for damaged product on a case by case basis.

In order to ensure our products have longevity, we recommend that defects that can be repaired are repaired whenever possible instead of replacing the item. We feel that this is a much more environmentally sustainable approach as it reduces both waste and emissions. In order to facilitate this for customers, we will offer a partial refund to cover the costs of the repair. 

For product that is non-repairable, we may be able to offer a partial refund, store credit, replacement or return. Please send along the required photos (listed above) to our customer care team so we can assist you further. Please let us know within 90 days from your order date to be eligible for compensation. 

Please note that any store bought items should be taken back to their original place of purchase whenever possible for refund or exchange, following the store's return policy.

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