How do I earn seeds?

Updated 4 months ago by Grace Nychka

There are so many easy ways to earn seeds which can be redeemed for exclusive discounts and perks.

  • Earn 1 seed for every $1 you spend
  • Create an account = 20 seeds
  • Review a product = 10 seeds (once per month)
  • Read our blog = 10 seeds (once)
  • Follow us on Instagram = 10 seeds (once)
  • Like us on Facebook = 10 seeds (once)
  • It’s your birthday = 50 seeds

To reward our most loyal customers, we have several tiers of seed earners. The more you shop and plant, the more you earn. Your seeds never expire, so you can save or spend them as you like. However, please note that the spending for tiers is tracked on a 12-month basis from the date you earned the last tier.


Spend $250 or more, earn seeds 1.2 x faster


Spend $500 or more, earn seeds 1.5 x faster


Spend $800 or more, earn seeds 1.7 x faster

At this time, we are unable to allocate seeds for interactions and orders completed before May 16th, 2018. We are also unable to transfer seeds between accounts. Please ensure you place your order using the email address you wish to earn seeds through.
This program is available for US and Canadian customers only. 

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