How do I know the trees won’t be cut down?

Updated 5 months ago by Shawn McIntyre

Many of the trees initially planted are, in fact, designed to be cut back periodically, as these are species that coppice (grow back vigorously after harvesting) time and again. These trees sustainably meet the needs of the participants, and the net result is rapidly and constantly growing diversity within the reforested lands. Therefore, the projects you support are not only permanent but always growing in diversity and ecological benefits, year after year.

The planting communities are left in charge of managing their forests and nurturing their growth. This includes protecting it from illegal logging and hiring guards to keep grazing animals from eating the younger trees and preventing others from cutting down what has been planted.

Additionally, we continuously check back on our planting sites to see their progress and growth. We’re currently trialing drone mapping so that we can record and provide visual data on the survival and growth rate of our sites.

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