Can we come plant with you?

Updated 2 years ago by Shawn McIntyre

Although we do have help from volunteers/pro-tree planters for some of our planting projects within Canada and the US, we do not typically recruit the volunteers/planters directly as this is facilitated through our not-for-profit planting partners. If you are looking to get involved with tree planting in Canada, please check out; for US reforestation sites, check out

In developing countries, we strictly hire locals to plant the trees because it is important that:

  1. We support the local economy and provide employment to those in need.
  2. They take pride in their work and ensure survival of the new forest.

If you are generously willing to give your time and energy, we ask that you redirect your efforts towards helping spread the word about tentree. 

We want to potentially hire thousands of overseas workers who would not otherwise be employed, all while sustaining our environment! Help us protect the world we play in!


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